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Another day at the office water cooler.

Today was supposed to be my off Saturday,but T.J. called and said, stuck in traffic on route 21, will be late, may not get there until 12:30.

I really think he’s going to the shore 😎, anyway,so I’M stuck here.

All work is waiting for his expertise in the coding and researching.

So, I will wait here by the water cooler.😁


The daffodils grew back this year πŸ”ŠπŸ”ŠπŸ”Š

The Case of the missing daffodils


Music is the medicine πŸŽΌπŸŽΆπŸŽ§πŸŽ€

What’s Going On?????

Make your own CD’s.

A little 70’s , a pinch of 80’s,a mixture of “soul, a touch of “feel good”sounds performed by original artists.

Ladies, don’t forget the Smoove , heavy voices of ,Barry White, the most beloved Marvin Gaye, and the renown Teddy Pendergrass,all of those great memories, will take you back,or ( for the younger sets,) to listen and learn how music should sound.

Stay tuned,we are getting ready to groove,old school style.

Our Daily Bread-Praise Quotations

We thank our Lord & Savior,for waking up today, giving us another opportunity to work at showing His love,for everyone and to partake in helping all that we will, encounter as, the day proceed.

We want our light to shine, brightly and reflect the love of God in our lives.

We smile when we encounter the enemy or enemies,and ask God to forgive them

There is mind boggling news on the way

What’s going on in our corner of the planet? New developments every hour,should we book travel plans to the closest planet or nearest star?

Matter of fact should we wish on a starπŸŽ†carry πŸŒ’ moon beams home in a jar…(forgot the following lyrics). Ok, we all forget from.

Time to time, don’t you? Back to the matter at hand…no more digressing, wondering if I pay up(LoL,). I could upload pictures,music that would be fabulous simply fabulous

Quotes From Myles Munroe

You are more than what you have done.

  • God designed and predetermined you to be a SUCCESS STORY.
  • Psalm 139 tells us God planned each of your days before you were even born.
  • Before you were formed, God knew you.
  • He took great care inΒ creating you.

Keep the oven light on

B ack in those days,no electric ,so no oven light

,,, sad picture, but they kept “hope”, We atand on the shoulders of a proud,couraged faith based people hoping Β things will get better ,that goes for all of us people of color.