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July 26, 2015

Black History 360*

The Cast: childhood sweethearts, one of a polygamous grandfather and a father born in Mexico who later wanted to integrate the suburbs and served in Richard Nixon’s cabinet.

The Plot: childhood sweethearts (CSA, childhood sweethearts of America) pursue the world’s highest position of elected leadership, by mounting a campaign of make-overs, but mainly stating all major policies, plans, legislation, and goals are TBA (to be announced).

The Media: assessment and deep analysis is replaced by talking points, delivered by partisan representatives (who underrepresented the South!).

Supporters: those who equate government with give aways; those disillusioned about socialism as a utopia of fairness and opportunity and caring; those willing to sacrifice grandma’s health care for a tax cut to the rich, those who deny race is a factor, those with military careers that provided housing, health care for uniform personnel and their families but who call the same benefits outside of the military…

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