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Wake Me !!! Please !!!!

Some times we all have scary dreams, day and night, so the dream didn’t upset Ella that much,not really paying attendance to all the “moving and shaking ” going on,in the Senior complex.

The dream was in color, let’s say, living color, she stated, got your eye again.

On 11-8-2016, went to sleep,on couch,later found my self in bed, ah ha!!

Hillary Clinton, who was the choice of many Dems, was ahead in the polls, Ele-college, really looking “fab.”

The dream woke me, hair on end,what happen? what is going on?????

Donald Trump has won as new pres. I am lost for words.

Keep your head up and keep it moving, but first, number : (one) ( 1.)

God is totally in control,at all times for your good and in HIS will.



A twit of a day,tomorrow will be “madding,” eat your buttered rolls.

Photo post.

Source: A twit of a day,tomorrow will be “madding,” eat your buttered rolls.

“dS82’s Opinion-open amd closed”

Living in the “2016 Political,Fried and Frictional environment, surfing from one “hot” alert to three or five, that’s bidding,or requesting my total conscious,conscience,or what’s left after 12AM news channels.The “ebb and flowing action lead  to close, much to close to “next stop-snap Ville- no more news!!!!! So here goes, before digression creeps in, ready?  Back on track.   Election of 2016- 1. Imperative,Urgent, life changing,look at it an  command performance,2.Register, do it now,it’s your life, it’s your future, it’s your children, and Grands and Great-Grands future.    3. Vote  your conscious ( able to feel & think-AWAKE )  4.Vote as if your very life matters.   5. Vote  your  (Gut-feeling!!!!!!) Strange spelling  vote ,veto,Vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





















Teaching” seniors Computer skills”

I located a great site,that may be of help with reaching Seniors who want ,and may need simple computer skills.

The site is

On the site, you can set-up  an  account for  a help me campaign.

My needs are few. My campaign is $2,000, to purchase a 1999-2001 Truck or

SUV. The transportation will be used to pick up and drop off ,clients at my home

for their lessons.

I have worked with computers since 1981-Company computers

My videos have been listed on YouTube, Twitter,Vimeo, Snapchat,Vine and Periscope and other social media.  The knowledge I have working with Blogs, Emails,Quotes could truly help our senior populations, express their own brand of wisdom from their  long business or other vocations.

My oldest client was 84+.

Helping seniors is important,

Listing my site   gofundme



18-34 Living-with-Parents

The economy is getting better, more jobs created,more home base enterprises.

The revels of Life-in-the Fast line

Run fast, Lenny said to Cp, ( they are partners, both are detectives,”bunny detectives”) Kojak Hayes Street Bunny Detective Agency,is the brainchild of CpBunny ,who lives now back in N.C., the agency has a growing second office in NJ,staffed by smart,knowledge , experience and fast running “bunny & 1 hare( who is bookkeeper,-non accountant) but she thinks differently,l

December 2, 2017, Saturday is a fantastic resting day. Because that’s all I have done all day is to rest. It’s great when you can speak and these fantastic tablet computers type.

But now it’s time to get back to work it’s Life in the Fast Lane wow this adventure is going to be possibly, mind-boggling I love this AT&T Android tablet, okay let’s see what the body detectives are up to today.

A new case has come in, or maybe it’s an old unsolved mystery. The bunny detective agency first office located in Weston North Carolina has lots of Unsolved Mysteries first on the agenda is the case of the missing Orange and red and green Christmas Bowl okay, it started out as a Christmas ball but the final results were a Christmas Bowl, really a punch bowl, the Bowl is from my mother’s Punchbowl collection. Every Christmas we would have the Beautiful Crystal Punchbowl on the table at dinner time. But it has been stolen or misplaced or maybe even broken, but I hope not it’s needed for my birthday dinner on Monday December 18th 2017, I will be 76, let’s change that, 67 hahaha!

You should be able to change your birthday, or to change how old you are, or how old you feel, correct? I do not feel 76, where is this going this time okay it came out correct let’s proceed this is a fantastic way to write your essays blogs and stories.

I hear it in my head the song but I don’t know what group it goes this way 76 Trombones led the big parade, so that’s the only way I will let knowledge 76. Time to take a break BRB! One more this is fantastic

Distinguished Black Americans

Josh Gibson,greatest hitter in Negro League history,voted to Cooperstown in  1972.

Jean Toomer: 1894-1967. “Cane”, by Jean Toomer,published in 1923, has been called one of the three best novels ever written  by an African American. The others are : Richard  Wright’s ” Native Son”, and Ralph Ellison’s “Invisible Man”.